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Canned Mackerel and Sardines

More than 30 years, we are specializing in producing canned mackerel and sardines under OEM brands for many countries worldwide. Since 2012, we move forwards to the domestic market aiming to deliver the quality product of canned mackerel and sardines to our consumers locally.

We target our product to be as premium quality without preservatives and MSG which is processed under international quality standards. Our raw materials and ingredients are well-selected to produce our Khun Mae Brand. We launched our products in the wholesale shops in several parts of Thailand such as Northern, Central, Northeast and Southern areas as well as in some retail shops such as Golden Place and Bangchak.

Canned mackerel can be cooked as many dish as you need such as Spicy Salad, Hamburger, Sushi, Sandwich or even spicy dips.

We strongly recommend our “Khun Mae” Brand as one of your choice for your perfect meal.


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Choice for Your Perfect Meal

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